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Kawasaki Teryx Accessories

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  1. 159.95 $159.95
    If you are preparing for a cold, wintry day in the woods, do you wear an apron, or snow pants? Please, answer snow pants. You know not to explore the wilds of nature without protecting your front...and your rear. If this example seems ludicrous, why would traversing the trails without protecting the rear of your Side-by-Side be any less absurd? Because you are a serious UTV operator you have discovered the best in protection, offered by Teryx4 Rear Windscreen by Moose. In simply ten minutes, you can install this rear windscreen constructed of heavy-duty rip-stop nylon. Easily integrating with most hardtops, this accessory will have you back on the trails and ready to roll.
  2. 159.95 $159.95

    Featuring a large, vinyl window, you will have superior visibility with the Teryx2 Rear Windscreen by Moose. One of the bestselling accessories for the Teryx2, this product is built to last. Built with heavy-duty rip-stop nylon, the dust panel integrates with most hardtops.

  3. 173.32 $173.32
    1/4-inch thick UV stabilized and shatter proof polycarbonate
  4. 191.65 $191.65
    1/4-inch thick UV stabilized and shatter proof polycarbonate
  5. 292.99 $292.99
    1/4-inch thick UV stabilized and shatter proof polycarbonate **This is a 3 piece design and that the folding panel does rest on the hood**
  6. 393.3 $393.30
    1/4-inch thick UV stabilized and shatter proof polycarbonate
  7. 603 $603.00
    Our Teryx roof is made of .125 aluminum and features a durable matte black power coat finish.
  8. 489.95 $489.95
    Kawasaki Teryx Full Tilting Windshield design with three-position tilt mechanism permits airflow into the driver compartment if desired Opens 3" or 5 1/2"
  9. 469.99 $469.99
    Stamped steel blade technology adjusts to either 60” or 72” width
  10. 322.95 $322.95
    If you prefer to avoid bubble wrap, a hazmat suit, and googles while exploring the trails on your Side-by-Side, then it’s time to come up with an effective solution for keeping mud, dust, flying debris, and mosquitos (that inevitably end up being swallowed), from invading your cab and resulting in an outdoor experience that is less than enjoyable. With the Teryx Full-Folding Windshield by Moose, you will discover a centrally hinged windshield that can be left open for full ventilation or closed for essential protection. Built of superior .177” thick polycarbonate, and designed to faultlessly mount to your roll bars, this product is a must-have for the serious UTV operator. Including rubber windshield pucks that attach to your hood, your UTV will be outfitted for maximum fun and minimum annoying intrusions while conquering the trails in your Side-by-Side.

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